Dental Care

Our excellent dentists and hygienists come to your facility.


We handle all your scheduling & record keeping.


We help to keep your facility in regulatory compliance.

The last decision you need to make about dental services.

DentServ is a complete turn-key solution.

homepage denstistWhen facilities choose DentServ, they remove the entire burden of arranging dental services for their patients and residents. DentServ provides state-of-the-art dental care, all scheduling, on-site equipment and supplies, and staffing solutions — everything health care facilities need to bring quality dental care to their residents and patients. Residents and patients get the care they need when they need it, without the need to involve facility staff.

The DentServ Program

Many of our clients choose the turn-key DentServ Program — complete dental care for all your residents for one flat rate. Beginning with a thorough exam upon their admission to your facility, we take care of all their dental needs. Period.

General Dentistry

Everything your residents need, from annual check-ups to dentures.

On-site Dental Suite

Equipment and supplies, all delivered and set up in your facility.

Labs & Referrals

We provide all basic lab services, and arrange for off-site dental surgery when required.

Records & Compliance

We do all the paperwork and make sure your facility is always in compliance with DOH regulations.

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